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LORI WILKERSON STEWART (M.A. in Journalism, Regent University) is a television producer for CBN. She and her best friend, Matt, have been married and in full-time ministry for thirty years. Lori is crazy about her three adult children (and also a little obsessed with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nala). She enjoys books, movies, anything British on PBS, news, daily updates from her talkative middle child-- stories in any format! Lori's favorite things are: long walks with Matt and Nala, Sunday lunches after church with her family, and her weekly date nights with Matt. Promises for Prodigals is Lori's first book.

If you'd like Lori (or Lori and Matt) to speak at an event, please fill out the form below. 

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If you’re looking at this “about” page, it’s probably because you know I have a story. A story that is the reason for this website, this blog and these books. So here it is…


I grew up in a pastor’s home and followed Jesus from day one. I’ve always loved God, the church, and everything about being in ministry. Could my life get any better? YES! I met a wonderful and handsome young man who loved all of those things, too. We married, and God blessed us with three perfect ("wink") children.  Many years later, God called me to work in television. So, we moved across the country and in 2008 I landed my dream job at CBN. Things got a little crazy when Matt and I planted a church in 2009, and I learned what it was like to battle anxiety. It took a couple years to get emotions back under control while pastoring our young church and producing for a daily TV show. During that time, I grew stronger and developed a certain rhythm of life. I thought those trials would be the toughest I’d face…


Then 2011 happened. In March, we got a phone call from a trusted relative alerting us to some things going on in our oldest son’s life. Without going into detail, he was doing things that we would not allow in our home. We confronted him. His father and I, his grandparents, and even several extended family members tried everything to convince him not to go down that path. He remained determined. Who was this person? What happened to the son who had given me 17 years of bliss? My perfect world was shattered. A few months later, my firstborn son graduated from high school and left home, moving 3,000 miles away. Nothing has been the same since.


I did the only thing I could do—pray and stand on God’s word. Scripture after scripture gave me hope. I underlined them, prayed them, and copied them into journals. The word truly became my weapon, and I wielded my sword against the enemy with more expertise each day.


Several years into this journey, I decided to make a book for my son. Each day, I wrote down a scripture which I called his “promise,” and I added a prayer to it. When I reached 100 promises, the book was full.


Now, I pray one of those 100 promises every day. This practice has given me incredible peace and purpose. The word of God will not return void. It will accomplish what it is set forth to do (Isaiah 55:11). In 2018, the Holy Spirit led me to put these promises into two separate books, Promises for Prodigals—one for guys and one for girls.


In case you’re curious, my son and I have a wonderful relationship in spite of our core values being wildly different. I love him fiercely and he knows it. One day he will also realize how passionately he is loved by his Heavenly Father. Until that day, I will continue to pray and believe that my prodigal will come home.


My heart's desire is to help bring prodigals back to Jesus and to spread encouragement and hope to those who, like me, are doing their best to trust God for their lost loved ones. 


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